Laura's Endorsements

Laura Belnap has gone to bat for our children and their education. She is not afraid of unconventional options and understands that children have individualized needs in their learning. I am grateful to have her speaking up at meetings because I know she values choice while fully understanding we owe it to our kids to ensure an effective system is in place for all Utah children. Laura is the right choice because she will listen to all sides of an issue and make decisions that are best for future generations. 

Kendalyn Harris

City Council

Laura Belnap has established an open dialogue with Davis District and I always feel confident in working with her on state level issues that impact our local students. She understands what our community values and has a vision for 21st century learning.

Liz Mumford

Davis School Board

I have known Laura Belnap my whole life and have seen first hand how passionate she is for children and their education.  She believes that all students should learn in a way that’s best for them whether it’s in a traditional public school setting, private school, or online.  As an advocate for children, Laura is the best person you could find to be on the Utah State School Board; she encourages the other board members to see things differently and to take into account the best interest of Utah’s students.  Her zeal for kids and their education is what makes her a fabulous choice for the school board.

Annett Eiting


I have been honored to have known Laura Belnap for over 25 years. During this time, she was not only a loyal and trustworthy friend, but a mentor, role model and a teacher to many in my family.

At a young age, my son was struggling in school. He was not able to read well and we knew that Laura was a teacher and focused on the abilities and skills of the child. She taught our son for 3 years later he was above grade level. He went on to get excellent grades and even achieved a 4.0 in Jr High.

This was nothing short of a miracle. Our son went from feeling demoralized and frustrated with school to feeling like he was smart and capable. Laura found a way to bring out the best in our son, just like she does with all of those she is around. I have seen her do this with countless individuals in many different capacities. She knows how to find and promote the best in people.

Laura Belnap cares about the education of our youth. As a former teacher and now a principal, she understands the challenges that educators face and she can make decisions with an expansive background and system knowledge that few can match. She has and will continue to work tirelessly with the best interests of the children of Utah in mind.

Michelle Wood


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